14 Amazing White Color Kitchen Design Ideas

What about the White Color Kitchens ? A  white kitchen looks happy and homely. its  does not mean that you have to paint everything white. There is more to a white kitchen that you like without realizing.

There are so many colors that go amazingly well with white.

When there is white, yellow’s definitely got to be there. It gives out that fresh, cheerful vibes which can uplift the moods.

Give a nature look to your kitchen. Yes, green can look classic with your white if you give proper lighting.

Go for wood on cabinet and centerpiece for that beautifully sophisticated look for your white kitchen. 

Not really a huge fan of white? Try ivory

source: Decoist

How to choose the right Seat Pads for Kitchen Chairs

It is not easey that choosing the right kitchen seat pad,  You have a whole lot of choices to make; form shape to color, and thickness to texture, and also the dimensions of the chair. Does your kitchen have a theme? Are you a floral person? Do you want just comfort or comfort plus the looks? Answer it all before going ahead with shopping. The basic function of a kitchen seat pad is to serve as a padding to add comfort.

In these days, It’s too hard to sit on hard objects for a longer time, so people tend to finish off their meals quickly if they are not comfortably seated. So it is advisable to go for thicker fluffier cushions. Have a thought about the practicality as well. Stain resistant seat pads made of vinyl or microfiber are the way to go if you have kids, or you spill stuffs a lot. Silk or velvet seat pads may not be the best option for everyday use, but it looks. 

For a country style kitchen alternate color seat pads on wood chairs compliments the whole look. If you have a modern style, go for rich colors to add to the elegance. Also a little tie will look cute, especially if the seat pad has simple solid colors.

CUISINE K1 - Compact Kitchens By Kitchoo

Named of Cuisine K1 is one of a collection of mini kitchen multifunctional from Kitchoo. Cuisine K1 is an innovative kitchen design with a simple design and multifunctional, as it can be hidden and could be a temporary table. This design is one of the best work produced from a thought and innovation are very high, so it becomes a work with the latest color in modern life today. Mini kitchen is very interesting and can be a solution for your small space.
Source: Kitchoo

Counter Edge Cutting Board with Collapsible Scrap Bin - By Progressive International

Frustrated by the food prep scraps on your cutting board getting in the way of your edible food? The Collapsible Bin and Board from Progressive is the perfect solution. This genius and large cutting board is great for slicing, dicing, chopping and preparing all types of foods while the removable side bin makes it easy to scrape the scraps out of the way for easy disposal later.

Trendy Salt and pepper squeezers - by Flip & Tumble, LLC

These Salt and pepper squeezers by Flip & Tumble, LLC are a fun and modern alternative to the traditional salt and pepper shaker. Just give them a squeeze for a fun new way to dispense salt and pepper. Once you’re done, give them a roll to pass them along!

Anne Bondarenko : A Practical Kitchen Idea

A wonderfull Kitchen design from the designer Anne Bondarenko of Studio NOO Design Inc

source: freshhome