Tower Kitchen Designed By Philippe Starck for Warendorf

The name Tower comes from the two stand-alone tower-shaped elements. Each takes up just one square metre of floor space but offers space for all kinds of accessories, food and utensils. Also integrated: oven, steam oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge-freezer.

Doors are fitted on three sides, while the fourth side is left open for individual design. Opened doors reveal the inner properties of the Tower: integrated appliances in the attractively designed interior which is lined in the same colour as the front.

The interior fittings in the towers are just as flexible as the direction in which they face. A light touch of the hand and they revolve 360 degrees, easily taking up just the position needed at that particular moment in time.

The design of the full macore Skyline is rounded off by elegant chrome edges and vertical recessed handles.

A side of the Tower can be finished, not just in macore veneer, but as a full-surface blackboard – for notices and small works of art

The sink, draining board, tap and hob are recessed, so nothing can spill.

[Source via Warendorf]



Dheeraj said...

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Aldis Green said...

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Poulin Home Design said...

i like this idea of tower kitchen.
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