Vipp Modular Stainless Steel Kitchen - A Minimalist Style

Are you a fan of the minimalist style ? Then take a look at these Vipp kitchen modules, Its for you !. Vipp is launching one of its most sensational product-developments with a radical reinterpretation of the kitchen.

 With over 70 years of steel processing experience, stainless steel was an obvious choice of material in the development of the kitchen. Vipp provides a range of modules in different sizes that can be combined and formed according to an individual’s needs.
available in black and white and looks just as impressive in both colourways.


Sea Urchin Porcelain Cup - Funny Way

If you enjoy having items that remind you of cute sea animals in your home, then this porcelain cup will not leave you indifferent.  This pretty unusual product is inspired by the sea urchin, a small, spiny, globular animal which inhabits the ocean.

The Sea Urchin Porcelain Cup is made with high fire (2200F) porcelain clay. Outside of the cup is covered with smooth white glaze and inside is covered with aqua blue. This cup is could be a nice addition to any kitchen.