A Trendy Modern Attitude Kitchen Design by Arthur Bonnet

Here is the Attitude kitchen contemporary design idea that uses wood in a modern way, designed by Marc Moreau for French kitchen manufacturer Arthur Bonnet, whilst paying tribute to traditional French cabinet making techniques.

The choice of wood fell on bright ash, with its light and vibrant grain, which is less predictable than more traditional oak. Solid and reassuring, it is a type of wood with a strong personality, whose unevenness conveys emotion.

With this way, a tribute to the know-how of Arthur Bonnet, Attitude provides a breathtaking and captivating reworking of French cabinet-making tradition.

The warmth and emotion of the wood contrasts with the stainless steel glimmer of the recessed handles which use an original mechanism that is exclusive to Arthur Bonnet. The design uses a recessed system to preserve the line of the metal along the entire side of the front.

The island layout provides a very successful interpretation of the design. Division of the space, with its easily identifiable work areas, creates a kitchen that truly makes a statement about ergonomics. With its U-shaped design, the island frees up space for an integrated dining area with a wood and white laminate table extending the worktop.

[Source via Freshome, Arthur Bonnet]



Stephen Oladokun said...

Great design
What is the name of the cabinet colour
Also is the floor porcelain, what's the name of floor tile colour?

Aldis Green said...

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Home Stars said...

This kitchen is absolutely fabulous!! Love everything about it. thanks for sharing

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NorthEast FactoryDirect said...

absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing!

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Caezar poulin said...

beautiful kitchen Love it!! Looks soooo inviting!

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