Liu - Hode's Minimalistic Kitchen Design Idea

Liu kitchen, Designed by Italian designer Flavio Scalzo, prepresented by HODE, is the modern minimalist kitchen design features clean lines, and contemporary finishes. it makes possible to get all your food prep and cooking done with ease and fun. it comes with a storage tucked behind minimalist cabinets, and modular components that can be adjusted to suit your styles and it can be place in straight against the wall, or curved to define a work area in your open-concept space.


Traditional Kitchen By Joan Nemirow

inspired by the high glass ceilings in the British Museum in London and in Paris Pass Verdeau, these beautiful traditional kitchen was created by designer Joan Nemirow. It reminiscent of the style of 18th and 19th century English furniture, with white wall cabinets and an island kitchen color of natural wood.
Highlight the high ceilings in steel mesh, lamps of the same century furniture. Copper cookware is a terrific detail that makes it a real kitchen in a traditional style.  The designer placed several loud and colorful ultra-modern equipment, so its feel is like a modern kitchen.

source: Joan Nemirow

Rustic And Minimalist Kitchen Furniture By Katrin Arens

Arens Katrins kitchen furniture are completely quite unique. The Italian artist dedicated to recovering old pieces, to recycle them and create new furniture that fit the modern interior design to stand out for their individual beauty and its simplicity. 
There are some rustic and minimalist kitchen furniture pictures bellow. please check it out.

source: katrinarens

Kalea - Modern Italian Kitchen by Cesar

Kalea Kitchen bу Italian Manufacturer Cesar, breaks away from more traditional kitchen layouts and creatively redefines sizes and dimensions. It appearance doors οf altered heights аnԁ widths, alongside versatile, activating accessible accumulator units, all of which help to create a contemporary yet playful appeal. Featuring pullout doors and the swivel Swing and Tandem systems, the Kalea kitchen makes it possible to fully exploit all the space available. Thе kitchen hаѕ аn affected feel tο іt due tο thе textured аnԁ aesthetic accomplishment accomplished owing tο thе υѕе οf asperous oak, whісh іѕ acclimated іn affiliation wіth appearance οr bendable silk-effect lacquers.