Buddhist Kitchen by Studio 1:1 Inc

Studio 1:1 Inc has been designing modern kitchen interior with a consideration of aspects of the existing balance of elements in life, often known as Zen and feng shui. Simple yet elegant kitchen interior is a concept brought by Studio 1:1 Inc this time.

Here is the project description -  “A modern kitchen is not only a center of a house, but also a cultural reflection of personal tastes, habits and heritage. The Lin’s kitchen project set an extra challenge for designers because of client’s traditional background. Both of the owners are Chinese Buddhists with excellent cooking techniques, which they frequently practice by cooking grand Chinese feasts. The main objective of the project was to design a comfortable and convenient space, but also prepare the kitchen for future cultural introductions (such as Buddha statues, candles and Feng Shui artifacts). Hence, the warm ensemble of bamboo counters was introduced to complement the coldness of the Caesarstone and darkness of the cabinets which created an Oriental backdrop. Even thought the Buddhist Kitchen was created as a bold and minimalist design, it was also conceived as a flexible environment with enough room for the client’s interpretation“. via

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Beautiful White Kitchen from Logos

Part of the Cooking & Living concept, this lovely white kitchen was designed for a sea lover. Lluis, owner of the property, wanted a place that would transmit the calm and peacefulness of the Mediterranean Sea. A white kitchen seemed to be the perfect approach. And just look at the fantastic result! Everything in this place inspires one to walk bear foot like in the sand and enjoy the feelings of purity and volatility. Even the table seems suspended on two structures that the designers compared with islands in the open sea. Elegant, classy and immaculate-definitely on our list of dream interiors.

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11 Inspired Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

For all of you out there who are love having a stylish cooking environment, as for all of you who love to dine surrounded by a warm atmosphere, here are 11 Scandinavian kitchen ideas that will get you loads of inspiration. When you decorate a room with white walls, then feel free to add as much color as you want, because the contrasts will be visually stunning! The proof lies in the photos below, a series of lovely interiors invigorated by colorful carpets, furniture and diverse decorating elements. The designs in the gallery below are as fresh as they get, with arrangements that are both original and practical. 

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Kitchen Ventilation : Range Hoods by Ammunition

Kitchen ventilation is usually easy to achieve. But some of the devices on the market seem to bring a touch of “industrialization” to the room, as they come in large sizes and lack style. Here is an interesting approach that could help solve this issue. The Arc Collection is a line of elegant range hoods created by Ammunition Group, a design studio in San Francisco. 

Found on BlueAntStudio, the series consists of  highly functional products, yet developed with a minimalist design: the Arc Collection delivers compact power and sophistication to the kitchen. Based on simple forms and material layering, the hoods feature large, back-painted glass. If you are looking for a sober kitchen, then black and white are the versions for you. Otherwise, you can chose between the available vivid colors or go for a customized finish.

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Inspired Furniture Range: The Steamer Bay kitchen Collection

Selecting furniture is not an easy job. Inspiration can come from where you least expect it or it can be right under your eyes. The furniture items from John Lewis of Hungerford gather in collections of “British painted kitchens & furniture since 1972“. The Steamer Bay Collection unites different warm-coloured furniture items, like tables, benches, dressers and larders. Rustic oak worktops sit on top of painted cabinets and chairs seem to be taken out of a fairy tale. The kitchen collection also includes a classic butler style sink unit, that is perfectly integrated in the design.

“Reminiscent of faded timbers and relaxing landscapes of sand, sea and rolling dunes“, the Steamer Bay range unites chic pieces of furniture with a rustic charm – these little details make up the comfortable atmosphere needed by everyone: “The Steamer Bay range is constructed using a combination of woods with solid pine fronted drawers and doors with a unique ‘in frame’ design.

There are wall unit combinations with solid doors, pierced tin doors and simple shelves with brackets. Handles and finishing details can be chosen from a large selection.” The informal look displayed by the kitchen range can suit any house and will attract admiration from guests.

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Luxury kitchen for inspiration

Invert the interior designer in arranging the interior is still not completely obvious matter. The owners of this kitchen is done already at the stage of rough construction dream house. We have the entire interior, including kitchen and dining room in one designed in a uniform style - lots of light, subtle colors and simple shapes. Approached with your requests and ideas of architects Kyzlink.

In this kitchen has all its fixed point and its Regulations. All tools and details are hidden from the eyes of visitors in the bowels of the kitchen. Architects designed using as much space as storage space, cabinets for the least used kitchen utensils are up at the ceiling. Everything is tidy, for the uninitiated it would seem that the kitchen could be as uncomfortably sterile. Yet, even by accident, do not appear sterile purity. This is due to the warm colors of walnut wood in combination with shiny black and white horizontally used. Door kitchen cabinets are made of a material called Fundermax, they're flat-pressed boards made of natural fibers laminated with a decorative visual layer. In our case, used a combination of walnut wood and shiny black. Uniform white worktop (thickness 4 cm) from a wide Corian lightens the seemingly difficult corpora velkorozměrovými drawers.

The kitchen is mostly open to the community of the apartment, the dining room and living room. Already mentioned walnut wood permeates the entire apartment, either in furniture or floors. A very important role played by indirect lighting. The entire ground floor of the house has a relatively high ceilings, it would be unaffected in the kitchen well. Here is a reduced ceiling drywall ceiling and ceiling mounted lighting is so soft and pleasantly illuminated the whole room together and directly illuminate the work surface.

Designed 2010, implemented in January 2011, Kyzlink Ltd., www.kyzlink.com

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Choose Right Chandelier for Artistic Dining Room Designs

This artistic chandelier lighting design can get through these simple ideas:

1. Size
We have to be diligent to choose the right size for our dining room the right chandelier. It has to be suitable and appropriate. For the small space, better for us to use the small one; while the huge space have to though bugger one. Furthermore, the large of the dining table have to be suitable with the whole chair and the supporting decorations.
2. Model
The ecological dining room lighting that we will see below can be one of inspiring design for us. We can add several decorations such as small accessory for the line of the chandelier. Beforehand, we have to though the design of this chandelier also. Make sure that the design will not disturb our dining activity was the most important thing.

3. Color
Look out these modern chandelier design ideas that show the new design of chandelier with suitable color application. If we want to get a suitable color application, we can look out the interior plans that we were use. If we use the white one, better for us to apply the same color application so that those decorations will complete one and other.
Actually, there were so many option that we can choose to make our dining room looking attractive and comfy.

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Inspiring Kitchen Renovations Designs

Those whole inspiring sustainable kitchen designs were dedicated for those who want to re-new their cooking space or just want to make a different atmosphere for their home space. first of all, if we want to try to change a room from our home space the thing that we have to do was try to know the concept and the design of a our new design. Look at this green and futuristic cooking space that try to maximize the function of the kitchen space and make this space help the earth to stay sustainable and give a fresh atmosphere while we were cook here. There were so many inspiring kitchen design that we can try and we can choose one of them. There were modern, contemporary, country look, or minimalist; those whole inspiring kitchen will beautify our home space. These simple kitchen decorations inspirations were try to accommodate the need of modern people and give a practicality concept and design for them. This recommended kitchen transformation planer was tried to help and give several ideas for us. Better to know before we act and better to check out this helpful kitchen renovation concept first.

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