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Invert the interior designer in arranging the interior is still not completely obvious matter. The owners of this kitchen is done already at the stage of rough construction dream house. We have the entire interior, including kitchen and dining room in one designed in a uniform style - lots of light, subtle colors and simple shapes. Approached with your requests and ideas of architects Kyzlink.

In this kitchen has all its fixed point and its Regulations. All tools and details are hidden from the eyes of visitors in the bowels of the kitchen. Architects designed using as much space as storage space, cabinets for the least used kitchen utensils are up at the ceiling. Everything is tidy, for the uninitiated it would seem that the kitchen could be as uncomfortably sterile. Yet, even by accident, do not appear sterile purity. This is due to the warm colors of walnut wood in combination with shiny black and white horizontally used. Door kitchen cabinets are made of a material called Fundermax, they're flat-pressed boards made of natural fibers laminated with a decorative visual layer. In our case, used a combination of walnut wood and shiny black. Uniform white worktop (thickness 4 cm) from a wide Corian lightens the seemingly difficult corpora velkorozměrovými drawers.

The kitchen is mostly open to the community of the apartment, the dining room and living room. Already mentioned walnut wood permeates the entire apartment, either in furniture or floors. A very important role played by indirect lighting. The entire ground floor of the house has a relatively high ceilings, it would be unaffected in the kitchen well. Here is a reduced ceiling drywall ceiling and ceiling mounted lighting is so soft and pleasantly illuminated the whole room together and directly illuminate the work surface.

Designed 2010, implemented in January 2011, Kyzlink Ltd.,

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venugopal said...

Wow! it amazing I liked very much .. super design .. Kitchen Equipment

Alice said...

The designs were really inspire you to have one of them. The style and the furniture used was very pleasing that will let your kitchen stand-out from others. It's like they are being personalized, not to mention if you will put some Italian porcelain to compliment.

Decore Essentials said...

Oh my, this looks fabulous buddy! Thank you for sharing this ~ great photos (as always!) & Blessings xoxo

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Rosypeter S said...

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