Kitchen Interior Theme Ideas

The most important aspects of kitchen decor themes are lots of open space, abundant counter space with durable, easily-cleaned surfaces, sufficient storage, a rugged floor that is both beautiful and can handle traffic and all kinds of food spills, and appliances that are efficient and easy to operate.
Kitchen decor themes require careful planning and imagination to achieve a kitchen that has great style and functionality.

Rooster Theme
The rooster theme offers you plenty of choices in terms of colors. You can choose green, red, brown, blue or yellow for the theme. Replace the inner panels of the cabinet doors with chicken wire, stapled inside each door. Install peg rack between the upper cabinets and the countertop, on one of the walls. You may display rooster-themed plates and bowls on the racks. Make use of the theme-based items, like dishes, placemats, canisters and pictures, to enhance the overall appeal of the kitchen. Ensure that the tablecloth has a rooster print on it.
Using roosters as a decorating theme can make your kitchen whimsical and fun. The color palette of decorative roosters has changed over the years, with earlier roosters having warm golden and beige tones, and modern roosters boasting a more vibrant design, with black, white, red and green color combinations.
Roosters in the Kitchen

Roosters are popular in the kitchen because so many foods come from chickens. We eat their eggs and their meat. Keeping chickens is entertaining, as well.
Rooster Decor Items
Rooster cookie jars are popular, so are rooster linens, rooster wallpaper borders, curtains, clocks, dishes, bakeware, cabinet decals, drawer pulls, and even backsplash tiles.
Rooster Kitchen Timer

A popular rooster kitchen item, especially during the holidays, is a kitchen timer that emits a rooster’s famous cock-a-doodle-doo wake-up call.
Rooster Wallpaper
One of the quickest ways to start a rooster kitchen transformation is by adding a wallpaper border. Since roosters are such a popular pattern, these should be easy to find in your local linen or home decor store, as well as through online vendors.

Deciding on a Theme
A theme-based décor is always fun to work with. Décor for a kitchen can either be food related or according to the tastes of the family. For instance, if a family is fond of travel, that interest can be incorporated into the kitchen with souvenirs and accessories collected from various places or bookshelves stacked with books on global cuisine and cookery. Deciding on a theme also makes decorating quick and easy. Things from other parts of the house can be added to the kitchen and bring about an instant makeover.
Using Paint
Painting the cabinets or even, the walls of the kitchen will create a new look and at very little cost. Cheerful yellows, cool blues or even, vibrant reds will breathe life into a dull kitchen and infuse newness and warmth. Kitchen furniture, such as a table and chairs, will also look fresh and clean when painted in a color that matches the rest of the kitchen.
Wall Decor
The walls of the kitchen can easily be used to display unique and appropriate decorations. Collections of cutlery, china or neatly stacked cookbooks arranged in bookshelves will all add to the appeal of a kitchen. Walls can also be used to showcase framed pictures of food items or decorated with food-themed tiles. Wall décor can also be changed by simply using wallpaper and choosing interesting textures and patterns.
Decorating with Food

Decorating with food items is fun and can be used to decorate the kitchen easily and effortlessly. A glass jar filled with dried pasta shapes or colorful lentils will look interesting, as will bowls and baskets piled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Let the arrangement look natural and not put together. Beautiful green apples in a glass bowl or plump red tomatoes in a wicker basket will bring color and life into the kitchen.
The first thing necessary is a workable plan. Use blueprints and sketches to determine what you are looking for. Use this as a guide for every step of your renovation. Decide on your colors. Color creates a mood and tone for everything in the room. Then find the focus of the room to give your kitchen décor theme personality. A focal point could be a window or a wall decorated to add definition and interest. Before you decide on your kitchen decor theme, do some research.
Investigate styles and trends. Learn what to look for when purchasing new appliances. Decide on the style of kitchen cabinets you want, and then design your kitchen around them.
Mixed Fruit Theme
Make your kitchen a colorful place, by decorating it according to the mixed fruit theme. Paint the walls in pink, orange or yellow shade. At the same time, use wedge-shaped ‘mixed fruit’ tablemats for your dining table. Adorn the open cupboards with mixed fruit plates and bowls. You can get all the accessories for the mixed fruit theme at sales outlets and online stores. Ceramic flooring is best suited for the theme.
1940′s Retro Theme
Convert your kitchen into a happening place, by designing as per the very popular 1940′s retro theme! Jadeite, red and white were the colors prevalent in the era. You can make use of jadeite color for your dishware and display it in open cabinets. Purchase red vintage kitchenware as well. Jazz up the room with pink-colored retro print tablecloth. Coordinate throw rugs with linoleum flooring, in a checkerboard pattern. Treat the windows with vintage curtains. To give the finishing touch, use vintage ceiling lights and wall sconces.
French Country Theme
A fun way to decorate your kitchen is to make use of the French country theme. This theme is perfect for a kitchen that needs to be decorated casually. You may go for red and yellow hues, apart from burgundy or buttery mustard yellow color, for the walls. Store the pots and pans in wrought iron ceiling racks. Ceramic tiles are best suited for the theme. You may also use tiles for the countertops. The farmhouse-style table, with rough finishes, will add substance and the element of fun to your kitchen.
Rustic Mexican Look
You can decorate your kitchen with bright Mexican inspired accents as well. Talavera ceramic tiles will provide the authentic Mexican look to the floor. Make use of items like candleholders and vases for decorating the room. Clusters of chili peppers, hung from the walls or ceiling, will add to the fun element. You may display colorful Mexican plates and cups in open cup boards. For the final touch, use bright pottery and Mexican souvenirs.

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